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The Value of Brand-Based Book Promotion

At Written Word Media we believe promoting books is the #1 thing an author can do to improve their chance of success. We work with over 35,000 authors and have over 800,000 readers. Our mission is to help connect the authors with the right readers. The best way to connect with Readers is to build brands with which they can identify. Readers are unique. That’s why we have 4 brands that promote books to different types of readers, instead of building one brand that tries to meet the needs of every reader.

How Indie Authors Sell More Books

The core value we offer to indie authors is to help them sell more books. We have marketing in our DNA, that’s what we do. We spend a lot of time and money building huge email lists and then we enable authors to leverage those lists to promote their books. These large lists enable authors to purchase a book promotion from us for a very reasonable cost ($25-$100 on average) and see very impactful results. Many authors who use our services see their books move rapidly up the Amazon charts on the day of promotion. The promotions we run for major publishing houses are the same promotions indie authors can run with us. We love bringing ultra-effective marketing tools to indie authors and it’s one of the reasons we’re proud to sponsor indie author day.

A Short History of How We Got Here

We started off promoting free books with our site Freebooksy. Freebooksy delivers incredible results allowing authors to make the most out of a KDP select free promo or promoting a permafree book. We soon found that some readers were willing to pay a little more for a quality ebook, but still wanted a great deal, at which point we launched Bargain Booksy. Both sites have been very successful, delivering great results to indie authors, but we saw a need for more promotional punch in the romance genre. We launched Red Feather Romance to meet that need. It serves the steamier side of the romance genre and has a high bar for quality. Finally, authors let us know that they were looking for opportunities for promoting brand new titles. The marketing needs for new books are different than books that have a history, and we launched NewInBooks to meet those needs. NewInBooks promotes new books by traditional NY Times bestselling authors and Indie authors alike. It has a high editorial bar but allows prominent Indie authors to be promoted next to James Patterson, or Jodi Picoult. Having four brands allows us to help authors in a variety of circumstances, and allows us to appeal to many different types of readers.

Want to Learn More?

You can visit our blog which has a range of articles for Indie authors. We talk about how to promote a book on Amazon or how to set a price for your book and everything in between. If you are interested in purchasing a promotional feature with us visit our payment portal to learn more!

Ferol Vernon, Chief Operating Officer at Written Word Media, holds an MBA from Duke University with a focus on technology and entrepreneurship. Ferol’s focus is building killer technology for readers, authors, and publishers. Ferol spent 6 ½ years in the music business at ReverbNation helping grow the company from a pre-revenue startup to a 100 person company doing over $20 million in annual revenue.

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