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Making The Most of Indie Author Day

Indie Author Day 2017 is right around the corner!

Libraries big and small are gearing up for one of the largest single-day library events in North America on October 14. Want to get involved? The easiest way for libraries to participate at this time is by becoming a Digital Host. Still want to host a full day of events? Register here.

Already an IAD 2017 participant and looking for a way to make the most of Indie Author Day? Check out the most recent webinar on how to make your day a success.

When orchestrating the perfect Indie Author Day, libraries should consider: how to best utilize their space, potential audiences (library patrons, the general public, published authors, aspiring writers, youth and adults, etc.), digital and in-person programming and how tasks should be divided amongst library staff.

This comprehensive guide to planning Indie Author Day will help you get started, and includes a free action plan template. Read more about hosting options below.

Digital Host

The easiest way to participate in Indie Author Day 2017 is by becoming a digital host. Just share a link to our workshop videos via an e-mail newsletter, on your website or on social media. It’s as easy as that. No extra work needed on your end, and it still engages your local writers and community.

Fill out this quick form, and we’ll let you know when the link to the video playlist is ready!

Want a preview of what to expect from this year’s workshops? Read the announcement here.

Traditional Host

There’s still time to become an IAD host with a full day of Indie Author Day programming! Individual libraries are empowered to create a day of programming that best suits the interests of their library community.

Last year, libraries held writer panels, in-house writing workshops, open mics and digitally attended a live presentation put on by a panel of industry-leading professionals. This year, en lieu of the live event, IAD sponsors put together educational workshop videos for easy on-demand viewing on Indie Author Day.

Ready to become a host? Register here.

Programming Idea: “This Is What An Indie Author Looks Like”

Looking for a practical programming idea that will put local authors at the forefront on Indie Author Day?

On Indie Author Day 2017, we are asking libraries to help break the mold when it comes to the perception of being a self-published author. The truth is, self-published authors are a diverse group, and we want to hear their stories. Join in by creating a photo booth station to show the world what an indie author looks like. Download this step-by-step guide to learn more.

Even More Resources For IAD 2017

The Indie Author Day team has an entire page of video and content resources, which is now live! Stay tuned as we will be regularly updating this page until the big day on October 14.

Announcing Indie Author Day 2018!

With self-publishing becoming ever more impactful and relevant to both aspiring and published authors, as well as the libraries that support them, our team is pleased to announce Indie Author Day 2018 has been set for October 13, 2018. Mark your calendars now!

We would like to thank all of our sponsors for Indie Author Day 2017:


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