Indie Author Day 2016 — The Recap

On October 8, 2016, nearly 300 libraries across North America invited thousands of local writers in their communities to join them for a day of celebration and inspiration dedicated to indie authors. During the inaugural Indie Author Day, libraries big and small hosted events where local authors connected, networked and mingled, shared experiences and offered advice to one another. Locally-written books were also featured to library patrons in their communities through displays, book signings and more. In addition to each library’s activities, all participants united for an hour-long digital Q&A session with publishing and library industry experts. (Don’t worry if you missed it. You can watch it anytime!)

We were impressed and humbled by the incredible support for indie authors, offered by both libraries and fellow writers in each community. As we pore through the many photos, videos, blog posts, emails and social media posts that participants have shared with us, it’s hard not to notice how crucial libraries are to the success of their local authors. They provide a truly unique opportunity for writers to build themselves from the ground up, starting in writing groups, then graduating to having their books housed among locally-procured collections and, finally, having their books promoted through events hosted by the library.

A tremendous and heartfelt thank you to everyone who was a part of the very first Indie Author Day. We couldn’t have done it without you! In preparation for next year’s annual event, libraries can continue to find new ways to support and serve indie authors with our upcoming webinars and ongoing events happening throughout the year.

See What People Are Saying About Indie Author Day!

From Michael Alan Peck at Gail Borden Public Library:
“A creative community sprang up out of nowhere. Discussions ranged from how young people read nowadays to why the best way of working is whatever gets you to ‘The End.’”

From Lucinda Race at East Greenbush Community Library:
“The vibe in the room was pulsing with creativity and sharing ideas with writers from all genres.”

From Kathy Pooler at Amsterdam Free Library:
“It was a great discussion with readers and writers and I look forward to participating in more events at our local library.”

From Elen Ghulam at Vancouver Public Library:
Besides being inspired by the creative talents of other indie authors, I loved talking to readers and people just walking by. I had several conversations with people thinking about self publishing their own work, I hope I encouraged them.”

Stay Informed

If your Indie Author Day event is in an area that was impacted by Hurricane Matthew, check the where page and your library’s website to see if your event has been rescheduled.

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